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Three-Bet Pots – Paired Boards

Three Bet Pots - Paired BoardsA three-bet pot is created when a player has come into the action with a raise, and there is a second raise in the same hand.

A paired board is a flop where two of the three cards are the same, like [6h] [6d] [7c]. Let us examine the dynamics that exist when playing poker on a paired board after the pot has been three-bet pre flop.

One of the great things about playing in a three-bet flop, on a paired board, is it gives you an opportunity you create a better analysis of your opponent’s range. To help explain let us use an example.

You are playing in a $1/2 six-max cash game in the WSOP 2012 Satellites, and both players have 100BB stacks.

The player in the cutoff opens to $6, you three-bet with junk from the big blind, making it $19 to play, and the player in the cutoff calls. The flop is [6h] [6d] [7c], you decide to bet $17, and your opponent calls.

Now, take your time to evaluate your opponent’s range; what hands are going to call a three-bet pre flop, and then call on that type of flop? The answer is mostly pocket pairs.

Sure, your opponent may float with an ace-high type of hand, such as AQ or AJ, but remember this is a three-bet pot. The stakes are higher, and your range should be a lot stronger.

So, armed with this information, you can apply some serious pressure on the turn, should a high card peel off. In these circumstances, a bet/fold line is the best way to approach the situation. Player type is also important i.e. they must be able to fold.

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