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Redknapp Plays It Cool To Boost Earnings

Harry RedknappAlthough Spurs manager Harry Redknapp likes to play the disorganised and thoughtless fool, the former Portsmouth boss is, in reality, a very clever and astute man who knows exactly how to play the cards he is dealt as effectively as possible, and at the moment, he's doing so with great skill.

If Redknapp had any desire to take control of the England team as its next manager – with the online betting suggesting he is the only real candidate - then he's certainly gone the right way about proving to the public that he's not prepared to take charge unless he gets everything his own way. He is also simultaneously proving to his rivals and enemies in the media that he will not be trifled with or pushed into accepting anything that doesn't paint him in a good light.

With the job of England boss being synonymous with the job of man manager, media friendly Redknapp certainly has the credentials to better the rivals he faces for the job.

That said, however, it should be noted that the media aspect of the job is never an easy role to play with those in the press very fickle friends indeed, only supporting individuals for as long as they're needed for the media's benefit. If Redknapp becomes an easy target, or he begins to lose some important soccer games, he will no doubt find himself slaughtered by the hacks despite his previous skill at working with them.

At the moment, it's clear that Redknapp has played a fine role by appearing interested but not desperate in a job that he has been given by the media, who have of course made the FA desperate to appoint a populist manager able to take the pressure firmly away from them.

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